Outside My Box

4 August
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I live outside the edges of my soul. I dare to conquer fate, fight for my dreams, and love the rat race.

I am a 23-year-old full-time fangirl/editorial assistant from the Republic of the Philippines. I spend my days going through the mountains of drafts on the latest gadgets, pulling out clothes for shoots, and researching (with the occasional head scratching) for this established tech lifestyle magazine and writing on the side for this hip fitness mag. I can be found writing for this awesome fangirl blog in my spare time and plans to invade the cyberspace with her spazzing and meditative thoughts here. There's so much more to me that I can't put into words. But if you want a glimpse into my daily life you can find me on the usual suspects a.k.a. Twitter, Facebook, Personal Tumblr, and Fangirl Tumblr.
Outside My Box will contain everything from ridiculously spazzy posts about effeminate Asian men, daily raves and rants, travel stories, to sources of inspiration, laughs, and whatnot. This is a happy place. No sourpusses allowed. Not unless the situation warrants it, then whine away.
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